Arrangement / 5th European-American Workshop on Reliability of NDE

5th European-American Workshop on Reliability of NDE

- 07.10.2013
Sted: Berlin

Info om arrangementet

Dear Sir or Madam

This is to inform you about our 5th European-American Workshop on Reliability of NDE which will take place from October 7 – 10, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

The Workshop on Reliability of NDE has been established in 1997 with a first workshop in Berlin, Germany, hosted by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. 16 years later, we already have the 5th workshop of this series, again in Berlin Germany hosted by the Seminaries Campus Hotel Berlin together with BAM and DGZfP.

Please find attached the first announcement and call for papers. The deadline for abstract submission is on March 15, 2013.

The design of the workshop program provides a wealth of sessions of rich technical content. Oral paper presentations will be devoted to industrial demands as topical focus and scientific progress in evaluation techniques including advanced modeling, human factor issues as well as the presentation of already implemented integrated solutions at the end users sites. Special sessions are devoted to the experience in application of statistical tools, for inspection planning and evaluation in the oil industry, and also to a new topic, our “youngest child”: The reliability of Structural Health Monitoring.


  • Design of experiments, sampling inspection
  • Multi parameter POD
  • Data field POD, observer model
  • Receiver operating characteristics for specified conditions, dealing with false calls
  • Minimum effort approaches
  • Modeling based methods MAPOD and PICASSO
  • Combining different sources e.g. with BAYESIAN Approach to deal with real/in the field data
  • Systematic psychological approach to human factor and organization
  • Aerospace, automotive and other transportation
  • Nuclear Power: NDE reliability (performance demonstration/Qualification/ENIQ-methodology); Maintain dealing with human motivation during the closure of power plants chemical
  • Certification in NDE societies
  • Characterization of the performance of structural health monitoring systems

 Presentations addressing the topics mentioned above will be most welcome.

To be able to organize a varied and exciting workshop and social program for the approx. 100 participants, we are looking for sponsors to support this event – an excellent opportunity for your company to become known to the participants.

Sponsoring is possible in two categories:

  • Sponsoring with an amount of 500 €
  • Main Sponsoring of the get-together or workshop dinner (from 1,500 €)

In return of making available the funds, the sponsor is given the following possibilities of advertising his company or institution effectively:

  • sponsor will be named in all publications printed with respect to the 5th European-American Workshop on Reliability of NDE
  • sponsor will be named on the workshop website
  • sponsor will be named on sponsor poster in the registration area

Main sponsors will have the possibility to promote his company at the chosen event, e.g. by a short speech or by visual means additionally to the above mentioned services. Furthermore the company will be promoted on the tables, menus a.o.

The following packages are available to choose for main sponsors:

  • Get-Together and Poster Session (1,500 €)
  • Workshop Dinner (3,000 €)

 All information regarding the workshop, call for papers, sponsoring and organizational issues are available at the web page

We look forward to your abstracts and your participation in the workshop.

For questions please do not hesitate to contact the workshop office.

With kind regards

Steffi Schäske

Head of Conference Department

DGZfP e.V.

Max-Planck-Straße 6

12489 Berlin

Telefon:  +49 30 67807-120

Telefax:  +49 30 67807-129