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National Aerospace NDT Boards have been formed in many countries around the world as a direct result of European Aerospace Safety Agency EASA regulation part 145, which mandates the implementation of European Standard EN 4179 (Aerospace series – qualification and approval of personnel and approved training organizations for non-destructive testing) by maintenance organisations subject to the regulation. EN 4179 describes a National Aerospace NDT Board as:

«an independent national aerospace organisation, representing a nation’s aerospace industry, that is chartered by the participating prime contractors and recognised by the nation’s regulatory agencies to provide or support NDT qualification and examination services in accordance with this standard.»

Norwegian National Aerospace NDT Board was founded in 12th June 2023 in Bergen at the annual NDT Conference hosted by the Norwegian Society for NDT.

The Norwegian Aerospace NDT Board (N-NANDTB) has been established to monitor and supervise the compliance of EASA requirements regarding the certification of NDT Level 3 personnel in the aerospace industry as per EN4179.

N-NANDTB Exposition-Draft version 1

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