Arrangement / WCNDT 2016

WCNDT 2016

- 13.06.2016
Sted: Münich, Tyskland

Info om arrangementet

The conference topics which actually are in the focus of the DGZfP are chosen according to the idea, to fulfill the information needs to “enhanced developments in individual NDT-industrial sectors, contributing to a more reliable and safe technical infrastructure in our world” as well as topics highlighting trends which in last national and international NDT-conferences have been primarily asked for. However, also contributions which are addressed to special, well code-accepted, NDT-methodologies as VT, UT, MT, RT, …, are welcome, so far they really reveal and introduce a new technological progress.

Therefore you will find – without any preferences – NDT topics to:

  • Energy Generation
  • Semi-Finished Products
  • Structural Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Reliability and Statistic Procedures
  • Modelling and Data Processing
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Monitoring
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Medical Products
  • Nano-Technologies and High-Resolution NDT
  • Public Security and Humanitarian Safety
  • Standards and Training of NDT Personnel